Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year Food

Hey, it’s New Year friends! What are you planning? Christmas has just passed and what are your plans about throwing a grand treat with friends and family members. Have a great New Year dining experience with cookies, fruitcakes, Sweet French Toast, Chocolate Brownie, Oliebollen and red wine and enjoy to the fullest degree.

People all over the globe are always eager to get off to a great start on New Year. Most of the people eat for luck and they have which they think will bring them luck. Since ancient times, there are some special New Year foods that are considered by people to bring them fortunes in love, riches and other factors in life. People of some countries consider ham and pork to be the luckiest of all New Year foods.

Make this year’s New Year festivities full of pomp and splendor by preparing mouth watering and yummy delicacies. The following is a list of New Year foods and recipes which consist of tasty confectionaries, cakes, pastries, snacks and desserts. Match these with the best liquor and wines in town. Enjoy sumptuous treats with your family and friends and fulfill your taste buds.

Hey check out some lucky foods for the New Year! Following is lists of food that are considered to bring you luck and make your year ahead full of good fortune.

Cakes- Cakes and other types of confectioneries and baked foods are one of the common dining ingredients that are served in Christmas and New Year all over the world. In some countries of the world, confectioneries like pastries and chocolates are also served. In Italy chiacchiere, which is a type of honey-drenched balls of pasta with powdered sugar is served. In places like Poland, Netherlands and Hungary, donuts, ollie bollen and puffy are also served.

Pork- Pork is a lucky New Year food because pigs symbolize progress. In places like Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Cuba, Spain and Austria, roast suckling pig is served for New Year. In other places across the world, other pork delicacies like pig's feet, roast pork and sausages are served.

Apart from these other major New Year food items are FISH, LEGUMES, GRAPES and COOKED GREENS and so on.

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