Monday, November 28, 2011

American Recipes and Food

This is my salute to the good ol’ U.S. of A. – food wise. American foods have a reputation as being “junk foods.” This is simply not true - some companies may have turned them into junk food, but the basic recipes are most definitely NOT. The best American recipes may have come out of a mixture of many other cuisines, or even been imported from Europe at some time in the past, but they are so ingrained in the culture, it’s difficult to think of them as anything other than American. After ten years living in the US, I have developed a strong affinity for American food. Prepared at home, I would stand it up against any other cuisine in the World. America was built on hearty, wholesome, simple meals made from basic, home-grown, fresh ingredients. You don’t go out and lay ten thousand miles of railroad track by hand after eating granola for breakfast.
It was really hard to narrow my list of favorites down to only ten, and I am sure I will have missed a few un-missables. Barbecue, for instance; there is no way I can cover all my favorite BBQ recipes in ten and still have room for anything else. Maybe I will do a whole separate list just for barbeque. Feel free to add any comments and suggestions for another “top ten.”

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